Commit c547b4a6 authored by Erik Seliger's avatar Erik Seliger

Fixup flag description

parent c4590b5a
......@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ func NewFlags(flagSet *flag.FlagSet) *Flags {
dump: flagSet.Bool("dump-requests", false, "Log GraphQL requests and responses to stdout"),
getCurl: flagSet.Bool("get-curl", false, "Print the curl command for executing this query and exit (WARNING: includes printing your access token!)"),
trace: flagSet.Bool("trace", false, "Log the trace ID for requests. See"),
insecureSkipVerify: flagSet.Bool("insecure-skip-verify", false, "Skip validating x.509 certificates against trusted chains"),
insecureSkipVerify: flagSet.Bool("insecure-skip-verify", false, "Skip validation of TLS certificates against trusted chains"),
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